Your First Visit

The Villa Park Smiles team is very excited to meet you. When you step through our doors we want you to feel like a VIP! Upon your arrival, please notify our front desk so we can begin your complimentary consultation.

After a quick spin around our rock n’ roll office, we will introduce you to Dr. Baum, Dr. Lee, and Dr. MacGinnis. At this first visit, the doctor will conduct a thorough clinical orthodontic examination and explain his treatment recommendations. If treatment is recommended and time allows, we can go ahead and take diagnostic records on the same day.

Diagnostic Records

Our records include, study models of your teeth, panoramic and cephalogram radiographs and photos. The doctors utilize these records to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Your Investment

The cost of your treatment will depend upon the severity of your condition and the treatment recommended. Some smiles are simpler and quicker to fix and others are more complex and time intensive. During this initial consultation, our Treatment Coordinator will discuss the fees and payment options that correspond with the treatment recommended.

We realize that orthodontics is an investment and we are committed to finding a payment plan that is suitable for your budget. We are happy to investigate your insurance benefits for you and determine if your insurance plan can reduce your out-of-pocket expense. You are our VIP and we will do everything in our control to make the treatment program affordable for you.

At the end of your consultation, you will know the answers to the questions:

  • What orthodontic problem is present, if any?
  • When is the best time to begin your orthodontic work?
  • What treatment options are best suited for your smile and health?
  • How long will treatment take?
  • How much will treatment cost?