Early Treatment

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

Our goal at Villa Park Smiles is to delay treatment as long as possible; however, there are certain situations where early intervention is necessary. The best way to know if you fall into that “early treatment” category is to come in for a complimentary consultation.

While we often associate braces with teenagers, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that your child’s first visit to an orthodontist occur before the age 7. Treatment may not start at this time, however, a consultation will allow Dr. Baum, Dr. Lee, and Dr. MacGinnis to identify any potential jaw or teeth problems. If early treatment is required, our doctors can maximize the child’s growth years to make necessary growth modifications. Our doctors may be able to avoid oral surgery or extractions in your child’s future by treating early.

Look for the Signs

If you are seeing any of the following warning signs in your child, it is especially important that you call to schedule a consultation:

  • Finger sucking or other oral habits
  • Mouth breathing
  • Crowded baby teeth that are preventing permanent teeth from erupting
  • Difficulty in chewing or biting
  • Grinding of teeth, especially at night

Braces and other appliances may be essential for your child’s smile so be sure to have your child examined early. Dr. Baum, Dr. Lee and Dr. Macginnis are very conservative with early treatment recommendations and excellent with children. They quickly put children at ease with their patient, calm, and friendly demeanors. Call us at 714-974-9000 to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if your child requires immediate orthodontic treatment.