The world of orthodontics is always evolving and Villa Park Smiles is on the cutting edge. One of the most exciting innovations in the last ten years is the introduction of Temporary Anchorage Devices, or TADs. These temporary, titanium mini implants are fixed to the bone to provide an absolute anchorage point for the movement of teeth. After treatment is completed, the TADs are easily removed.

Dr. MacGinnis and Dr. Baum utilize TADs to help fix more complex orthodontic jaw problems in a quicker and more efficient way. Rather than referring you to a different dental specialist for the procedure, our doctors place the TADs in our office. It is safe and noninvasive.  You can be confident in Dr. MacGinnis and Dr. Baum extensive knowledge and experience with TADs.

Orthodontics with TADs can:

  • Reduce orthodontic treatment time
  • Eliminate the need for headgear
  • Provide a better finished product
  • Allow for significant skeletal changes during growth modification treatments
  • Allow limited tooth movement in preparation for a bridge, crown or implant
  • Correct most bite issues without surgery
  • Eliminate the need for rubber bands
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